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But, if I started writing this piece all over again and talked about the Apple iPad, it would be a totally different story. All of my friends and family have an iPad. All of my French speaking friends too, and they occasionally read ebooks with it.

You can now manage your CreateSpace content on Amazon's improved publishing services.

The rest almost always have an iPhone or Android. I see people on trains reading on iPads and iPhones — and, perhaps reading ebooks in French and German, as well as English. But one that is basically limited to a US-centric readership and very often, Amazon Prime members. Smart self-publishers know this and are already publishing on a number of platforms and online retailers. The next stage of growth in ebook sales will come from markets other than the US.

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It will not be driven by dedicated e-reading devices. It will be with fully functional tablets and smartphones that also serve as a multi-platform ebook reader and allow ebook buying choice. With a tablet, you can probably buy the same ebook from a range of retailers, and perhaps even DRM-free. So you can use a purchased ebook on almost any device and safely back up and store your library.

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You can even lend it to a friend. Here is the result of a marketing experiment I worked on a few years ago using BitTorrent. The following graphic shows the geographical location of over 20, downloads of one of my free ebooks over the period of a few weeks. The ebook was in.

What this proved was that there were a lot of readers of English ebooks out there and that there was a rapidly developing market. Note: I would not suggest using BitTorrent now as P2P is blocked on most modern browsers as it is a prime source of viruses and malware. Readers are all potential buyers, and there are millions upon millions of them outside the US.

As a self-published author though, are your ebooks available for them or are you only an Amazon KDP author? It is common knowledge that Amazon Kindle dominates ebook sales with Kindle owners.

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But the truth for self-publishing authors is surprisingly not as you might think. There is a big potential market for ebook buyers on retailers other than Amazon. This graph below is worth studying. The graph above comes from the Author Earnings Report and what it clearly indicates is that Apple, Kobo and Nook readers buy a lot of self-published titles. Are you connecting with these buyers?

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I read this comment over and over again from self-published authors, and it drives me crazy every time I read it. Smashwords and Draft2Digital are distributors, or more correctly, aggregators of ebooks. You can read my review of Smashwords and Draft2Digital. However, after self-published authors publish their books to either of these aggregators, they seem to expect, as if by some kind of magic, that their ebooks will instantly start selling. Simple question. How many authors know how to create a link to their books on the Apple iBooks Store? Second question.

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