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The stamping and clapping in a circle was described as a kind of "drumming," and 19th-century observers associated it with the conversion of slaves to Christianity. Floyd Jr. According to Floyd, " These basic elements of ring shouts included calls, cries, and hollers; blue notes ; call-and-response ; and various rhythmic aspects. Examples of black music that would evolve from the ring include, but are not limited to, Afro-American burial music of New Orleans, the Blues, the Afro-American Symphony , as well as the music that has accompanied various dance forms also present in Afro-American culture.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diouf, Servants of Allah , University of Georgia Press.

Let's Clap, Jump, Sing, and Shout; Dance, Spin, and Turn It Out!

Alexander; Leslie Alexander; Walter C. Rucker 28 February Encyclopedia of African American History. Lorenzo Dow Turner proposed the theory, and Lydia Parrish first reported it in Turner's translation of shaut sic as "to move around the Kaaba Deep Blues. Penguin Books Ltd.

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Sing Shout Dance

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