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For the artist, parody was a vehicle for the renewal of feeling.

What crap. Get laid, that's wisdom.

What a fabulous reminder that human nature remains constant! Judith Merkle Riley does a great job portraying that world in "Vision of Light", with all the references to Brother Gregory's university days in which he engaged simultaneously in theological disputation and extemporaneous bawdy poetry. So much fun.

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My favorite lines: Treasure all the pleasure Of our youth: Time enough for age To think on truth. Coulda been said by Scarlett O'Hara of the middle ages?

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  4. Makes me think of Francois Villon as well. What a wonderful post! I love thinking about and referring to my characters as undergraduates debating and theorizing and drinking on Oxford taverns Those are terrific, Lynna! It seems students are the same the world and time over!

    They consisted of 8th through 9th century Irish anonymous verses attributed to bored monks goofing off set to amazing music by Samuel Barber. One of my favorite naughty verses from these songs is entitled Promiscuity : I do not know with whom Edan will sleep, but I do know that fair Edan will not sleep alone.

    Wicked Bible

    I hadn't realised the full history of Carmina Burana. I know the music by Carl Orff and that it was set to old poems but hadn't realised they were that old. The most famous piece of music is O Fortuna. If you heard it you would know it! A packed house gave it a standing ovation.

    Iwas wondering if someone could help me Historically, the omission of "not" was considered quite a common mistake. Until , for example, the style guide of the Associated Press advised using "innocent" instead of "not guilty" to describe acquittals , so as to prevent this eventuality.

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    Apart from the contempt within the church, the case of the Wicked Bible was commented on by historians soon after the printing:. His Majesties Printers, at or about this time, had committed a scandalous mistake in our English Bibles, by leaving out the word Not in the Seventh Commandment.

    His Majesty being made acquainted with it by the Bishop of London, Order was given for calling the Printers into the High-Commission, whereupon Evidence of the Fact, the whole Impression was called in, and the Printers deeply fined, as they justly merited. With some part of this Fine Laud [8] caused a fair Greek Character to be provided, [9] for publishing such Manuscripts as Time and Industry should make ready for the Public view.

    The nickname Wicked Bible seems to have first been applied in by rare book dealer Henry Stevens.

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    2. PROVERBS KJV "A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth."!
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    7. As he relates in his memoir of James Lenox , after buying what was then the only known copy of the octavo Bible for fifty guineas, "on June 21 I exhibited the volume at a full meeting of the Society of Antiquaries of London , at the same time nicknaming it "The Wicked Bible," a name that has stuck to it ever since, though six copies are now known. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Grand Rapids MI: Zondervan. Press Freedoms.

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      The Guardian. Retrieved 25 November Houston Chronicle. Hearst Newspapers.