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    It does not support connections to any other external communication of audio devices. The DX is the most economical wireless full-duplex partyline production intercom available anywhere. Most Clear-Com wireless base systems offer interconnectivity by providing a 2-wire or 4-wire interface or both. With all instances of external interfacing, it will always be on a per wireless channel basis. It can be operated with AC or battery power, like the DX There is one analog 4-wire audio interface per channel with send and receive level trim controls to balance the audio.

    There are no 2-wire interfaces. To accommodate connecting analog 2-wire intercoms, it would be necessary to convert the 2-wire to 4-wire. The following models provide analog 2-wire interfacing, as well as analog 4-wire. In all cases of 2-wire interconnectivity, provision to select between a Clear-Com or RTS compatible system is provided with a selector button or switch.

    The DX also features optional jumper settable 2-wire and 4-wire bridging circuitry. The base includes four 2-wire analog partyline ports with call signal and four 4-wire audio ports with call signal.

    Clear-Com | Partyline, Digital Matrix, IP and Wireless Intercoms

    These 2-wire ports and 4-wire ports can then be configured to any or all of the 12 wireless channels or 12 groups. The base station can be used in main station mode with talk and call soft keys or as a headset station for communication and monitoring from the panel. All four 2-wire ports have software-enabled power function to supply mA DC on each pair of connectors for powering Clear-Com compatible or RTS analog wired devices.

    Application Diagram. Case Studies.

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