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Bilingual Position A position designated by the department to provide non-English services to the public. Boomerang Job connection system for State of California retirees interested in working as retired annuitants to list their skill sets. Canceled Application Status Set automatically by the hiring deparment when a Job Control is canceled.

Candidate An applicant who has been accepted as a participant in an Examination or Job. Career Credits Extra points awarded in Open, Non-Promotional examination to Civil Service Employees meeting the criteria to receive a Career Credits in addition to their passing score in the examination. Career Executive An employee appointed from an employment list established for the express purpose of providing a list of persons with permanent status in the civil service who are available for career executive assignments, in which selection, classification, salary, tenure, and other conditions of employment may be varied from those prevailing under Chapter 3 commencing with Section to Chapter 7 commencing with Section , inclusive, for other employees in the state civil service.

Code Career Executive Assignment CEA An appointment to a high administrative and policy influencing position within the state civil service in which the incumbent's primary responsibility is the managing of a major function or the rendering of management advice to top-level administrative authority.

Cert Rank The rank of an individual s on a specific Cert List in accordance to applicable governing laws and rules. Civil Service The administration of government in which individuals are employed on the basis of professional merit as proven by competitive examinations. Class A group of positions sufficiently similar with respect to duties and responsibilities that the same title may reasonably and fairly be used to designate each position allocated to the class and that substantially the same tests of fitness may be used and that substantially the same minimum qualifications may be required and that the same schedule of compensation may be made to apply with equity.

Competencies The knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, or special personal characteristics that contribute to individual or organizational job-related performance.

Competitor An applicant who has been accepted as an examination or job participant. Component Component Types are the general exercise type that candidates will be testing on.

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Component subtype Component subtypes are the actual exercise that candidates will be testing on. Conditions of Employment COE Conditions under which a successful applicant wish to be considered for employment for an Eligibility Record. Contact Letter See "Employment Inquiry" Continuous Filing Type An Examination that does not have an established final filing date and allows for individuals to submit an application without limitations until it is closed. Cutoff Date The time frame, item number, or thing designated to be the limit of something e.

D Dated Eligible List format which limits the eligible list to a particular administration date. Demotion The appointment of an employee to a position in a different class with a lower salary range, as provided by Section if voluntary, by Section Departmental Eligible List A list of persons who have been examined in an open competitive examination and who are eligible for certification for a specific class for a particular appointing power Gov.

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Departmental Open Testing Testing for a class on an open basis that is conducted by a department - either under delegation or decentralization. Departmental Promotional List A list of persons eligible for certification for a specific class resulting from a promotional examination for a particular state agency Gov. Departmental Reemployment List A list established for the reemployment of persons in a particular class in a particular State agency Gov.

Disabled Advisory Committee DAC A committee of persons in a department performing an advocacy role and providing advice to management on the employment concerns of the disabled to promote inclusion.

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Disabled Veteran Any veteran as defined in Section Duration Employment An employment during time of war or during an emergency in connection with the national defense, which employment is subject to termination and other conditions as prescribed by Section and by board rules Gov. Duration Examination An open competitive examination, or promotional examination, held for the express purpose of providing a list of persons available for duration employment.

Duty Statement A document outlining the specific job duties of a position. Eligibility Term used to describe a passing score received on an examination. Eligibility Record Elig Record An individual record for a person who has been granted eligibility for a classification typically from successfully completing an examination, but sometimes it can be created by a layoff situation. Eligible List A list of persons who have been examined in an open competitive examination and are eligible for certification for a specific class.

Code Eligible List Format The build of the eligible list. Eligible List Rank The Rank of the individual s in regards to scores with recognized additional points and preference in accordance with the Cert Rule governing the Eligible List. Eligible List Type Indicates how the eligible list was created, and all the governing laws, rules and Cert rule that applies to the maintenance and use of the list. Emergency Appointment An appointment made for a period not to exceed 60 working days either during an actual emergency to prevent the stoppage of public business or because of the limited duration of the work Gov.

Emergency Employee An employee holding a position under emergency appointment Gov.


Employee A person legally holding a position in the State civil service Gov. Employee Development Appraisal EDA Component Type which the supervisor rates the employee's current performance and potential for promotion. Employment Contact Any communication, including, but not limited to, by way of letter, telephone, email, or other electronic means, used to contact candidates to determine their interest in a job vacancy. Employment Inquiry Any communication, including, but not limited to, by way of letter, telephone, email, or other electronic means, used to contact candidates to determine their interest in a job vacancy.

Equal Employment Opportunity EEO Each state agency is responsible for implementing non-discrimination policies, procedures, and practices, and ensuring they are integrated into every aspect of employment. Essay A component subtype of the Written exam that measures a candidate's ability to communicate through written communication Exam Basis The type of exam that will be administered e. Exam Bulletin Bulletin The official examination announcement housing the time s , location s , format, minimum qualifications, salary, desirable qualifications and more for an exam.

Exam Plan The specific classification that is to be administered with information such as the classification title, exam basis, ownership, geographical type, Career Credits, Vet Preference, and more. Examination Exam State Employment Examinations evaluate applicants Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to determine success potential in the classification, in general. Exempt Positions These position are filled by election or appointment. Extra Points Extra Points are added to individual records of those who are successful in an examination and meet the criteria for the extra points. Filing Type Establishes how the exam will be administered if it is a Continuously ongoing or Limited to specific dates.

Final Filing Date The last day an application will be accepted, see the specific exam bulletin or job posting for more information. G General Reemployment List A list established for the reemployment of persons in a particular class in any State agency, irrespective of the State agency in which the persons were previously employed Gov.

Geographical Type The field designating if the exam is a spot exam limited to a location or non-spot. How to Apply Overview of information about how to submit an application for an Exam or Job. I In-Basket Exercise A component subtype of the performance exam that measures the candidates job-related tasks within a set amount of time. Individual Record A record pertaining to a specific person.

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Intermittent An "intermittent" position or appointment is a position or appointment in which the employee is to work periodically or for a fluctuating portion of the full-time work schedule. Interview Oral Interview Component Type which measures the applicants through an oral interview. J Job Analysis JA The process of systematically identifying the essential tasks and functions performed in a classification and identifying the competencies that are required to perform those essential tasks and functions.

Job Application Package Checklist The applicant cover page for an application package providing the Job Control Number for the department's routing, and items that are required and optional for submitting a complete application package. Job Description The official Job Description for a class which legally outlines a summary of the duties, responsibilities, and knowledge needed to apply for an exam or job with the classification title. Job Specifications Details about minimum qualifications, education, etc.

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L Language Proficiency Code A specific language in which the State of California tracks and proficiency in order to provide translation services when needed. Language Proficiency Record A record of proficiency in a specific language for an individual. LEAP is an alternative to the traditional testing process, allowing applicants to demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities through on-the-job testing LEAP Class A classification which can be tested for through the Limited Examination and Appointment Program. Limited Filing Type Indicates that and examination is not continuous and that a final filing date is set for the examination.

Limited Term A temporary job appointment to last a certain number of months.

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Limited Term Employee An employee whose appointment as a result of reinstatement or certification from an employment list shall not exceed two years, as specified by Section Limited Term List An eligible list established for use exclusively in making limited term appointments Gov. List Score An individual's final score, including all applicable extra points, on an eligible list.

M Mandatory Appropriate List An employment list determine by five-member Board action to be a proper substitute for filling positions in a class in the absence of an eligible list for that class and which must be cleared before any other list may be considered. Merged A list made up of multiple administrations that result in various dates of expiration for the eligibles.

MQs See "Minimum Qualifications" Multi-Departmental Refers to an examination or its resulting eligible list created for the use by more than one Department but not all Departments. Multiple Choice A component subtype of the Written exam which offers various options for an answer allowing the candidate to choose the best option.

Multiple Departmental Refers to an examination being administered for more than one Department which will create one Eligible list for each Department exam ownership type.

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N Non-Spot Geographical type that allows for one list to have multiple locations for the Conditions of Employment to fulfill positions throughout the state. Out-of-Class Experience Experience gained as a result of the performance of duties not specifically permitted under Government Code Section Ownership Exam Ownership Displays if the examination will be owned by on department or more e.

P Part-time A "part-time" position or appointment is a position or appointment in which the employee is to work a specific fraction of the full-time work schedule Gov.